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May 18, 2013 · Miami Heat · 0 Comments · Jesse

Dwyane Wade grants wish, takes high schooler to Prom!

Dwyane Wade attended a high school prom this weekend after a senior asked him to be his date. Wade attended prom with Nicole Muxo, a highschool student who asked Wade to be her…

April 10, 2013 · Los Angeles Lakers · 0 Comments · Jesse

“Too sexy for my Cat”

Metta World Peace is asked how he came back from knee surgery in 12 days. His response? A classic Metta Interview.

Deron Williams Stops Game to Give High Five

After Reggie Evans snagged an offensive rebound against the Portland Trail Blazers, he decided to show some love. Watch him as he stops the game to give Evans a high five. Evans had…

Russell Westbrook Funny Interview

What Bro! Russel Westbrook ends interview after being asked a stupid question.

February 7, 2013 · Brooklyn Nets, Detroit Pistons, Videos · 0 Comments · john

Mirza Teletovic 3 Consecutive Air Balls

Mirza Teletovic pulls a 1997 Kobe, air balling three consecutive shots.

Danilo Gallinari’s Crazy Circus Shot

Danillo Gallinari came up big in the fourth quarter, icing the game against the Milwaukee Bucks with this impossible circus shot.

Kendrick Perkins Behind The Back

Kendrick Perkins gets a little too fancy.

Greg Smith 3 In The Key

Greg Smith plants himself in the key on offense, and proceeds to tie his shoe. This leads to a 3 in the key call on the Rockets, turning the ball over, and leaving…

Amir Johnson Epic Double Dribble

Amir Johnson gets away with one of the worst uncalled double dribbles I have ever witnessed.

Jarrett Jack throws Shoe Into Stands

Watch as Dorrell Wright loses his shoe on a fast break. Jarrett Jack takes advantage of his opponents folly, throwing the shoe high up into the stands, and nailing a three on the…

December 28, 2012 · Charlotte Bobcats, Miami Heat, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Dwyane Wade Kicks Ramon Sessions In The Nuts

Dwyane Wade has received a one game suspension without pay for his intentional kick to Ramon Sessions midsection during the Bobcats-Heat game Wednesday. Clearly, Wade has been watching to much of the “Karate…

December 28, 2012 · Los Angeles Lakers, Videos · 0 Comments · john

Metta World Therapy

Metta World Peace has many issues as we all know, and openly talks about visiting with a Therapist. In fact after winning his first ring in 2010, one of the first people he…

Dwight Howard Four Step Travel

Dwight Howard takes four steps for a dunk, and then complains to the refs once they call a travel.

Kyrie Irving Crosses Up Monta Ellis

Old Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving) crosses up Monta Ellis and sets up Tyler Zeller for an easy slam.

December 23, 2012 · Videos · 0 Comments · john

The 12 Dunks Of Christmas

The 12 dunks of Christmas. A special Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the NBA Fail team!

Big Baby Crazy Interview

Glen Davis gets a little bit crazy after a comeback win against the T-Wolves. It seems as if Baby took more than just basketball knowledge away from former teammate KG!

Referee Blocks Free Throw!

Watch as referee Courtney Kirkland attempts to block Brooklyn Net’s forward Kris Humphries at the free throw line!

December 8, 2012 · Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, Videos · 0 Comments · john

JaVale McGee Falls

JaVale McGee tries to take it up as point guard and things don’t work out too well for him.

Al Horford Little Brother Eyes On Cheerleader

Al Horford’s brother caught on film checking out the Hawks cheerleader.

October 12, 2012 · Chicago Bulls, Eastern Conference · 0 Comments · john

Brian Scalabrine – The White Mamba

Scalabrine gives a perfect explanation of the difference between the White and Black Mamba.

October 3, 2012 · Boston Celtics, Videos · 0 Comments · john

Antoine Walker Broke

Antoine Walker talks about how he blew 110 million dollars.

September 10, 2012 · Blog, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

NBA 2K13 Trailers

During the NBA off season, there is constant buzz flying around. NBA 2K13 is one of these topics. The game releases on October 2nd. Here are some photos and trailers from the game….

August 26, 2012 · Blog · 2 Comments · Jesse

NBA, Where Rapping Happens

The NBA has been known for it’s amazing plays. It also is known for its horrible rapping. Above, Kobe Bryant teams up with Tyra Banks to produce one of the worst songs you…

Batum Cheap Shot

Nick Batum punches Navarro in the groin. One more time, on slow motion please.

Kobe Signs Opponent’s Shoe

Team USA routed Tunisia 110-63 on Tuesday night, in a large part thanks to bench play. However, Kobe Bryant was the true star of this game, as a player on Tunisia asked for…

USA Volleyball Surprises Kobe

Watch Kobe’s hilarious facial expressions while watching the USA Woman’s Volleyball team take on Brazil.

Lebron’s Unstoppable move

Lebron has a new move, It’s unstoppable.

July 22, 2012 · Blog, New York Knicks, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Raymond Felton Likes His Food

Raymond Felton was recently designated as the Knicks new starting point guard after New York decided to not match the 25 million dollar offer sheet that sent Jeremy Lin to the Houston Rockets….

A Beer For Kid Canada!

Lakers fans are clearly excited about the addition of Steve Nash to the roster. Watch as some fans give Steve Nash a beer while speeding on a high way.

Davis From Deep

Coming out of college, Anthony Davis was not considered a three point shooter. However, you couldn’t tell on this play, as he completes a four point play for team USA in an exhibition…

Kyrie vs Kobe

Kyrie Irving bet Kobe Bryant 50 grand that he cold beat him in one on one. Who do you think wins? Here, watch Kobe dismantle Lil Bow Wow in a game of one…

June 29, 2012 · Blog, Image, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Flashback Friday-Greg Ostertag

Greg Ostertag, as Stephen A Smith would say, was a total scrub. He oftentimes found himself on the highlight real, getting dunked on. When he wasn’t getting posterized, he would put on the…

Carmelo Scaring Fans

Here, Carmelo Anthony pretends to be a wax figure and scares unsuspecting fans.

June 26, 2012 · Blog, Miami Heat, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Juwan Howard Getting His Boogy On

Juwan Howard shows off his moves in the Miami Heat’s title parade.

Rajon Rondo’s Weird Tip Off Tactics

Although Rajon Rondo is very intense throughout game play, he often starts every game by doing something silly. Check out the video above.

June 24, 2012 · Blog, Miami Heat, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

DJ Steve Porter Finals MVP Mix

So disrespectful… DJ Steve Porter is at it again and this time he features Stephan A Smith and the ever disrespectful Skip Bayless.

June 23, 2012 · Blog, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Speedo Guy

Although this is college basketball, it is to good to pass up. Watch the legend of speedo man for the Duke Blue Devils.

Flashback Friday: Tyronn Lue

When people think of corn rows and sleeves, many think of Allen Iverson, the creator of such trends. Similarly, people think of Shaq and Kobe Bryant when reminiscing on the Lakers three peat…

Tyson Chandler vs Rajon Rondo

Tyson Chandler and Rajon Rondo made guest appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel show. They were competing in the Skype Scavenger hunt. Who do you think came out on top?

James Harden Misses Easy Layup

James Harden misses easy layup in game four of the finals, vs the heat.

June 17, 2012 · Blog, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Draft Lottery Celebrations

Funny celebrations from the NBA Draft Lottery over the years.

No More Questions For You, Bro

Russell Westbrook tells reporter, “No more questions for you, bro.”

Flashback Friday-Ricky Davis

For the first ever flashback Friday we take a look back at the boneheaded plays of Ricky Davis. Although a talented, athletic freak, Davis during his time in the NBA lacked judgement, taking…

Serg Ibaka Denies Lebron James!

Serge Ibaka blocks LeBron James 2012 NBA Finals game 2.

June 14, 2012 · Blog, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

Jim Rome vs the Commissioner

Jim Rome was at it again. The often outspoken radio host brought David Stern onto his show to talk about the NBA Lottery. Rome asked Stern if the Lottery was fixed, and a…

Thunder Come Out on Top in Game One

Lebron James played well in game one of the NBA finals. Kevin Durant was just a lot better. KD scored 17 of his game high 36 points in the fourth quarter, securing a…

Dwyane Wade Dunked On

Although Dwyane is a amazing shot blocker and player he has got dunked on from time to time. Firstly, Kendrick Perkins of the OKC Thunder dunks on the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and…

June 12, 2012 · Blog, Miami Heat, Videos · 0 Comments · john

Skip Bayless On Lebron’s Performance In Game 6

Skip Bayless downplays Lebron’s 45, 15, and 8 performance.

Chris Bosh Horrible Flop

Chris Bosh caught on tape flopping against the Bulls during the ECF last season. In the 2011-12 playoffs, Indiana Pacers head coach called the Miami Heat “the biggest flopping team in the NBA”….

Marriage Proposal Fail

Guy gets rejected both in front of the Rockets crowd and on live television.

June 11, 2012 · Blog, Videos, Washington Wizards · 0 Comments · john

Javale Mcgee Cinnamon Challenge

Another funny video of two of NBA Fail’s finest, Nick Young, and Mr. Javale Mcgee. I’m sad the Nick and JeVale show will never come to fruition.

Kendrick Perkins Getting Dunked On

It is a well known fact that Kendrick Perkins is a great low post defender. If you attempt to protect the rim like all great shot blockers and defenders do, you going to…

Disco Dirk Nowitzki

Nowitzki showing off some us his moves with the Mavs cheer leaders. Disco Dirk Nowitzki showing us he has the moves like Jagger.

Kevin Love Handshake Fail

Kevin love and Wesley Johnson fail miserably on a handshake.

Gregg Popovich Gets Sacked

San Antonio Spurs head coach gets hit in the nads during a game with Utah. Funny interviews with pop. Popovich starts the game with a hack-a-shaq 5 seconds after the tip as a…

Lamar Odom Stupid Turnovers

A funny video of 6 of the best Lamar Odom bloopers. Odom is ejected for elbowing his future teammate in last years playoffs.

Darius Songaila Scores On His Own Basket

Unfortunately for the Wizards the ball bounces off Darius Songaila and goes in their own basket.

Funny Interviews

Adam Lundquist screws up an interview funny sports blooper interview. This video contains a crazy interview with NBA Clippers guard Sam Cassell. Phil Jackson’s last question ask a head coach. Another funny moment…

NBA, Where DeMarcus Cousins Happens

For whatever reason Paul Westphal trusts DeMarcus Cousins to inbound the ball with .06 to try and put the game into OT. Cousins makes a brutal pass which goes out of bounds and…

June 1, 2012 · Blog, Image, Videos · 0 Comments · john

Tyreke Evans, Welcome to NBA Fail

Derrick Rose goes backdoor on Evans for a two hand slam. Derrick Rose breaks Evans ankles with a crazy crossover and once again proves the Sacramento guard cannot play any defence. Above, Manu…

May 27, 2012 · Blog, Memphis Grizzlies, Videos · 0 Comments · john

OJ Mayo Pulls A Javale Mcgee

After the tip, O.J Mayo runs the wrong way and thinks that he got a easy lay in. It was lucky that his teammate didn’t pass him the ball and fail like he…

NBA, Where Adam Morrison (used to) Happen

Yes! There has been an Adam Morrison sighting. Above, Morrison has an in interview following a workout for the Brooklyn Nets. Morrison spent the last year playing for the Beskitas in Russia- the…

Mario Chalmers Forgets He Is On Live TV

Chalmers pulls a rookie move and forgets he is on live TV.

May 25, 2012 · Blog, Orlando Magic · 0 Comments · john

Dwight Howard Passes To Ref

Dwight Howard is an absolute beast. The two time defensive player of the year is growing into an unstoppable force. The two things that hold him back are his immaturity and inability to…

NBA, Where Failed Reffing Happens

Lets just say, the ref gets a little too fancy. Ken Mauer calls 5 techs in 10 seconds against the Timberwolves. Joey Crawford proves he’s up there will the worst of them when…

DeShawn Stevenson Dirty Elbow

DeShawn Stevenson intentionally elbows Marcin Gortat in the nuts. During DeShawn’s tenure with the Wizards, he had many battles with Cav’s star Lebron James. One series, to which the Wizards got destroyed, Stevenson…

NBA, Where Kwame Brown Happens

Above, Kwame brutally air balls a layup against the Knicks. Here’s what Steven A Smith had to say after Kwame was traded. Steven A Smith goes off on Kwame again. To top it…

Kobe Bryant Ball Hog

Kobe is still on top of the NBA. The 5 time world champ is arguably the greatest Laker. The only flaws in his game really have come as a result of hogging the…

Like A Bosh

Over the course of his career, Chris Bosh has done many things. Although the majority of these actions are positive, the seven time all star has brought a variety of hilarious sequences. Above,…

Al Horford Slaps Ford

Horford, going for the block, slaps T.J. Ford in the head. sidelining him for two monthes. This hit almost ended Fords career. Like all great players Al Horford has made a contribution to…

Raymond Felton Horrendous Passes

Early in his career, Raymond Felton was successful, winning a national championship with the North Carolina Tar Heels and dominating the point guard position for the New York Knicks. Recently, however, the only…

Zaza Pachulia Funny Interview

This is a hilarious interview, but also a complete failure. Trying to pump up his teammates and the fans, Pachulia goes on a rant in front of the crowd and you can barely…

Jordan Crawford Embarrassing Pass

Jordan Crawford, although a good young player, makes the one of the worst passes I’ve personally ever seen.

Rajon Rondo Bumps Ref

Rajon Rondo has developed into one of the best point guards in the game today. However, two things that hold Rondo back are his anger issues and poor shot making ability. In the…

Nick Young Worst Layup Ever

Nick Young has a breakaway layup. The ball suddenly slips from his grasp, propelling the ball over the backboard.

Derek Fisher Nails Scola

In the above video Fisher looses his temper. Out of nowhere he nails Luis Scola with a body check while Scola is setting a pick. Deservedly so, he gets tossed from the game….

David Wesley Air Ball Layup

David Wesley blows a wide open layup against the Mavs.

May 2, 2012 · Blog · 0 Comments · john

Von Wafer Stupid Play

In a critical piont in a game against the Wizards, Von Wafer misses a wide open dunk. Thinking it went in, he begins screaming a taunting the crowd. Unaware of his surroundings he…

Travis Outlaw Air Ball Dunk

Travis Outlaw legitimately air balls a dunk.

NBA, Where Teabagging Happens

Ricky Rubio gets Teabagged by Joel Przybilla. Przybilla recieves a tech for his disrespect to the young Spaniard.

NBA, Where Failed Celebration Happens

This is a slow motion video of Nate Robinson’s fail to celebrate. Unintentionally, he flips over Pierce after a game winner in New York.

April 29, 2012 · Blog · 0 Comments · john

Worst Half-Court Shot Attempt Ever

Although this is not NBA, this is an absolute failure. A fan has a chance to hit a half court shot and doesn’t even come close, missing as bad as one possibly could.

J.R. Smith Blooper Reel

J.R. Smith catches an air ball from Tyreke Evans and thinks it went in. As a result he walks out of bounds and turns the ball over.

Reggie Evans Hand In The Cookie Jar

Reggie Evans pulls a cheap and dirty move on Clippers center Chris Kaman. Coming from behind, he grabs Kaman’s sack and pulls upward ferociously. Lets just say he got caught with his hand…

Rudy Gay Very Strange Shot

Although Rudy Gay is one of the leagues up and coming stars he is the victim of today’s NBA Fail post. He gets a steal with 6 seconds left in quarter and doesn’t…

Danny Granger Locked Down By Big Baby

Danny Granger is one of the best scorers in the game today. However, he looks like fool on this possesion. The Indiana Pacers are down three with 10.3 seconds left on the game…

April 27, 2012 · Blog, Miami Heat · 0 Comments · john

NBA, Where Travelling Happens

The NBA is, at times, more well known for their various travels than magnificent plays. In this video, we take a look at the top 10 uncalled travels.

April 26, 2012 · Blog, Los Angeles Lakers, Videos · 0 Comments · Jesse

NBA, Where Andrew Bynum Happens

Andrew Bynum has developed into one of the best big men in the game today. Additionally, Bynum is known for his poor decision making, on and off the court. In the clip above,…

NBA, Where Metta World Peace Happens

Usually it is a blooper for missing a wide open dunk in an NBA game. Ron Artest doubles that in this video. Artest, now known as Metta World Peace, misses two wide open…

NBA, Where Big Babies Happen

Glen Davis, more well known as Big Baby has made some boneheaded plays over his career to say the least. In this first clip we see why post players generally don’t shoot threes….

  • Dwyane Wade grants wish, takes high schooler to Prom!
  • “Too sexy for my Cat”
  • Deron Williams Stops Game to Give High Five
  • Russell Westbrook Funny Interview
  • Mirza Teletovic 3 Consecutive Air Balls
  • Danilo Gallinari’s Crazy Circus Shot

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